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The Future of Pharmaceutical Purchasing

Real-time, integrated platform connecting healthcare organisations with pharmaceutical suppliers

The product

    • Saving money for the NHS

      Reduce Cost - Helps you reduce your drug spend, ensuring optimum value for money.

      More Choice - A single platform to access all your suppliers, giving you more choice and control over your purchasing decisions.

      Save time - By being able to view product information, such as price, availability, and stock levels, without the need to use multiple portals.

    • For suppliers

      Access to NHS customers - regardless of your size or scale, showcase your products to new markets.

      Fair and equitable access – you can win on your offering, regardless of who you are.

      New Customers - Easily share your company’s information with customers, allowing hospital trusts to easily onboard you as a new supplier

    Our values

    Cost efficient digital ordering

    Our key priority is to make our platform accessible to all healthcare organisations, so you gain the maximum benefit from the time and money you save via MedsMarket.

    Pharmacy comes first

    We’ll ensure our strategic decisions are in the best interests of pharmacies and their staff, for whom MedsMarket was created.

    We seek to promote the well-being of the pharmacy profession, and ultimately the patient, as we grow and expand our services.

    Display all data

    We’ll provide pharmacy purchasers with as much data and unbiased product information as possible - so long as such data is legal and ethical to possess. This will aid them in making good purchasing decisions that help that Trust be more cost effective.

    No supplier excluded

    We’ll never exclude any supplier, wholesaler, or manufacturer from MedsMarket for any reason, providing the healthcare organisation can reasonably make use of these entities’ products or services to further patient care.

    Treat suppliers fairly

    MedsMarket will allow suppliers greater opportunity to list and be competitive on any product within their portfolio, meaning you win when you have stock at the right price based on the buyers choice.

    Use data responsibly

    We’ll use aggregated data responsibly to improve each healthcare organisation’s experience of MedsMarket. We will never share personally identifiable or pricing data with any third party for any reason without explicit permission.

    Security first

    Our platform is built on secure public cloud, and we secure access to our platform using technologies such as MFA & Google Re-Capture. We secure your data using encryption in-transit and at rest.

    Who we are

    Meet the team

    With more than half a century of combined experience in the pharmacy tech sector, our team brings unparalleled expertise to the table. We have hands-on experience in pharma distribution, proficiency in building and scaling health tech software, and invaluable clinical knowledge from the front lines of hospital pharmacies.

    Comprising both industry veterans and forward-thinking innovators, we are committed to advancing the health tech sector with pioneering products that address real-world challenges.

    David Page

    David Page


    10+ Years in Health Tech, Enterprise Pharmacy and ePMA Delivery, EMIS Health
    Sam Williams

    Sam Williams


    Ex-Pharmacy technician,​ 10+ Years in Health Tech, Software Architect, EMIS Health
    Lauren Latham

    Lauren Latham


    Ex-Pharmacy technician, 10+ Years in Health Tech, NHS England, Product Leadership​
    Ian Page

    Ian Page


    CEO, Dechra Pharmaceuticals,Global specialist in veterinary pharmaceuticals​